1. Go Mobile Or Go Home.
Mobile-friendly website design is no longer optional. Mobile device searches have already surpassed desktop and laptop pc searches worldwide. Website mobile friendliness, in fact, is now a Google ranking factor. Giving people anice mobile expertise on your web site suggests that creating a lot of conversions and generating a lot ofrevenue. It’s as simple as that. And there is great chance to form searching on your mobile web site a specialexpertise. Mobile-only deals and special promotions can keep folks returning back to your tricked-out responsivestyle web site. Your first move in 2016 ought to be to produce the simplest doable mobile expertise for your prospective customers.

2.Voice Search Is Calling.

Along with the expansion of mobile looking comes larger demand for voice search. More folks ar victimisation this feature on their smartphones to find the businesses, products, and services they need. Some people use voice search to facilitate them multi-task (say, behind the wheel of a car), and many others realize it’s simply quicker and easier to talk into their phones instead of sort their question. Either way, the trend toward voice search means that businesses got to optimize their web site to hook these customers. This means shifting your keywords to voice search-friendly phrases. Search Engine Journal also points out that user follow up queries can become common in voice search, as only a restricted quantity of info may be delivered in every response.

3.Direct Data Matters for native SEO.
The rise of “direct data” within the program results pages (SERPs) implies that companies got to give a lot ofelaborated info concerning themselves so as to urge a high slot with search engines. Direct information is the granular items of knowledge that seem with business listings in program data. For example, if you search for restaurants near you, each result can in all probability give you with location, phone number, pricing, whether take-out is out there, and other details that customers need to grasp up front. This extra information improves visibility, and that’s important for each single location and franchise SEO.

4.Good native SEO suggests that a nice client expertise.
In the end, a potential client’s decision to shop for (or not) can return right down to the whole customer expertisefrom click-to-close. While you can’t management each salesperson’s actions and words all day long, you can be in total management of the client expertise provided by your web site. Gartner says that within the next few years, the overwhelming majority (89%) of businesses will vie only on client expertise, and that by 2020, 85% of the customer-company relationship can be managed with none human interaction. This means that your on-line selling presencemust be elliptic, consistent, and better than your competition’s to capitalize on this trend.
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